IR CODE can’t learn by the dock

I have a sharp tv from Asia that’s the code can’t learn by the dock, but can learn by the Apple TV. And if I choose those code provided by remote2, those code won’t work if I only push once, like I have to turn volume up of my tv by push twice very shortly or hold the volume up button to make it work. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Have you tried looking at the Global Cache IR codesets? There are about 7 different Sharp ones that are probably worth a try for you.

Try all the set from global cache and all working set show same behaviour, need double click or long press to work….

Might be related to this [bug] Denon AVC learnt codes not working · Issue #292 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
Leave a comment or like the issue if you have a github account, this would help the developers know the scope of it.

I experienced the same with my CocktailAudio X45 with all learned codes (there is no set available in the database so all commands has to be learned). The last part of the hex code was “;0” and changing that to “;1” solved the issue. Hopefully this solves your problem as well.