IR blast (Extender) does not work

As described above, the IR blast (Extender & Top Dock) does not work. Can someone verify this issue?

After doing some research, it seems that the blast is working until you use preconfigured Remotes from remote two.

If you train custom buttons then you can assign the output in the dock. But nevertheless which output you configure, the blast is always dock buttom front. Not more & not less.

There’s already a bug report for this issue: [bug] Custom remote IR codes always go to dock bottom · Issue #99 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

I know. Marton created that yesterday based on another thread.

I know you are completely busy with everything that has to be done for the release and the RC2 makes a really great first impression.
But: is there any news when the bug will be fixed? At the moment my two RC2 are not usable like this, because in both cases the distance and positioning of the DOCK requires the use of the external IR-transmitters and I had to learn some codes.
(yes, ok, I am hot on also productively trying out, sorry for the impatience at this point :wink: )

Thanks a lot for this incredibly valuable and well thought-out solution

I just discovered by chance that there is a firmware update for the dock from 0.9.0 to 0.9.2. Maybe that will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, this update is not displayed via the remote control, but only in the Web Configurator. You should add this to the software update menu on the remote control (including changelog).

Unfortunately not. This IR topic (which is a core function from my point of view) is really annoying.

I can only absolutely agree. The IR Blast function is, in my opinion, a real core functionality and just here the RM2 has its big weakness and is not really usable for me. As it is at the moment, the RM2 can not replace my Harmony (with hub) in the rudiment. I hope for a further development, however it is rather a hardware based thing. Would be nice if I am wrong about this.

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