Initial Frustrations and Hopes for Improvement: My Experience with Remote Two Setup

After my initial attempts to set up the Remote Two, I too found myself a bit frustrated and set it aside. It’s not (yet) clear to me how I can replicate the setup with all my devices as it currently runs with my Neeo remote (or previously with Logitech).

I expected to find my devices in a database and simply set them up, but I couldn’t even find my Philips OLED or Denon AVR, let alone more exotic devices.

So, for now, I’ll wait for others to do the work or for Unfolded Circle to provide assistance. I’m not interested in a DIY solution, and I don’t want to manually learn IR commands. I knew this was a niche product, and at the beginning, the functionality might be somewhat limited compared to the initial promises. However, I had hoped that the basic setup would work smoothly. Given the price, this is what I expected. I expect to tinker and live with limitations from $100 Chinese products, but here, I expect something different.

At least the build quality is excellent; everything feels high-end. Currently, it’s a matter of software and user interface. I look forward to seeing improvements in this area as soon as possible.

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+1 Herr
I completely agree with you here. I expected as well to be able to at least find common devices in the database. But not even well known receiver like Vu+ are in the database.
Unfortunately I don’t have the time with family and work to learn every single code myself.
Really hope this develops in the right direction because it’s really a nice remote with great build quality.
Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

same for me, unfortunately…
I found neither my METZ TV nor the Magenta Receiver in “Database”.
No Manual how to insert any Codes, no Manual how to learn Functions by pressing Buttons on other Remotes.
Besides my English ist not perfect to understand the non-located Text in the Web-Ui…
So this wonderful manufactured Piece will be placed in a box. :pensive: