Im on the edge of selling it

This remote is driving me up the wall!

I will save the rant and just say I need help. I cant get anything to work and Im losing it.

Below is a screenshot shot of the IR codes I want to input but it says the format is invalid and ive input hex such as 0x0 for 00 but everything gets rejected.

Invalid format is the error

Any tips for manual entry?

Dosen’t look like valid HEX codes to me. Also there have to be a at least 2 columns in the csv file. One named “key” with the command name and another one named “code” with the actual PRONTO or HEX code. Where did you get these codes from?

The codes are RC5 and i did the hex conversion online.

I have been using the manual input of codes as I only have 4 I want to input.

The codes cames from the manufacturer, Chord Electronics.

If you just need 4 commands it would be easier to just learn them manually.

Otherwise there is a good IR database from Global Caché: Control Tower IR Database
You can register for free, let them verify your account and download up to 6 complete ir code sets per day. You get them via mail. Just put the text from this mail into a new text file (use Editor on Windows or TextEdit on macOS), in the first line change “function” to “key” and “hexcode1” to “code” and then save it as a csv file. This file can then be imported in the web configurator.


This sounds like an excellent suggestion. I will report back once tested.

Much appreciated :+1:t2:

don’t sell it, this is possible, great remote


Both pronto and hex options say the below is invalid.

We really need user guides for this as its not clear and a headache.

Below is the code sent to me from the site and I have no idea what I need to do.

code set: 7491

function: POWER TOGGLE

code1: sendir,1:1,1,36000,1,1,32,32,64,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,3272

hex code1: 0000 0073 0000 000D 0020 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0CC8

code2: sendir,1:1,1,36000,1,1,32,32,32,32,64,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32,3272

hex code2: 0000 0073 0000 000D 0020 0020 0020 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0CC8

For a single command just paste what’s coming after “hex code1” into the text field when in ir learning mode:

Hang on so I have to tell it to go into learning mode before I type them in? I thought was just for actual learning and not manual creation.

Ive just been typing them in. I will try later but this isnt intuitive, if learning mode needs turing on then the text box should not allow me to type until its switched on.

Inserting the raw code into the textfield is possible but a rare use case since you would rather learn single commands from the original remote than manual inserting the code for each command.
If you download complete sets from Global Cache you can import them via the bulk import button when creating a new IR code set after you created and edited the csv file like described above. You probably just clicked on „Send Code“ instead of „Send Code Set“

You don’t need to go to learning mode. Typing the IR Code, selecting the data type and saving should be enough.

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This worked so thank you very much. I got the codes from the site reccomended here. They still dont work though.

Im so sick of this, this remote is supposed to make my life easier and on so many occasions I just want to throw it.

I now gave up typing the code and did the less accurate option of learning, it still doesn’t work.

I think you are right, you probably should sell the remote as it is causing you more stress than it is worth.

To some extent I agree that the lack of basic day 1 instructions is a barrier to adoption, however, it has been clear all along that this was a work in progress and not a shrink wrapped, out of the box, solution.

Why not adopt my approach? I enjoy the look of the remote control, but I’ll wait a little longer to set it up. I’m sure there will be plenty of updates and maybe a wiki or example setups. It’s all going to take some time. Until then, I’ll stay relaxed.

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I think your right.

I bought remote 1 and quickly realised it wasnt for me and with this looking more friendly I went for it. Waited years and now its come it just sits looking pretty.

Guides and more bug fixes are needed.

I feel the same way, does anyone know the refund policy or is eBay the only way to recover my losses?

As it was a kickstarter it will be ebay.

There will be many buyers due to limited supply if you must throw the towel in.

Im going to wait, I’ve had positive correspondence with one of the devs.

Thanks @Paul I’ll list it on eBay later, unless anyone wants an additional remote at a cheaper price than retail, shoot me a message!

Dont know how to send you a message but you selling?