How to run multiple external integrations in one Linux box

On Supported devices ( I see several external integrations which require a server:

What is the best way to run these external integrations simultaneously in one Linux instance?

I have 3 or 4 running on a vritual linux.

In the home directory I created directories for each external integration I intend to run. I expanded the integration source to these directories. I create shell scripts to start the integrations. Each script is a little different and looks like this:

#change to the directory of integration
cd "/home/rb/UC AndroidTV HK/"
#IP of Linux
#Port for this integration. Each integration needs a unique port
#directory were the integration has/stores the config
export UC_CONFIG_HOME "/home/rb/UC AndroidTV HK/"
#start the driver
python3 intg-androidtv/

You can start an integration now but if you close the ssh client the integrations were also closed/stopped so I use the command screen -S Integration name 1 to create a further shell which is hidden. Now I start integration with name 1. With CTRL+a d you detach the screen which means that this shell is left running in background. WIth screen -r integration name 1 you can enther this shell again to do updates ot test. Repeat this for all the integrations you want.


Thanks for your reply!
I have been doing something similar - starting the Python scripts manually and keeping the Linux sessions alive.
Works OK but much manual work and no easy overview.

I am going to try this to have an overview of the various Python scripts running. What do you think?