How to add Dock to new/changed wireless network

I had to do a factory reset of my router and while it was straightfoward on the remote to add it to the new network, im struggling with the Dock.
Simply removing seems to suggest that a lot of settings (IR etc) will be lost - any idea how o switchit over to the new SSID and password?

Just do a factory reset of the dock and repair it to your remote. The factory reset button is a pinhole reset (use a paper clip or a SIM tool).


Yes but as mentioned wont this wipe any work that has been attributed to the Dock in its curret form? Trying not to replicate work already done

From what I’ve read on here the dock is a charger and IR repeater currently. All the smarts are in the remote.

It shouldn’t, as per @Trial_Master … if you want to be cautious make a backup of your configuration before doing the reset so you can restore it if you run into an issue.