How to add custom icons

I have created icons for each of the entities e.g. for Apple TV (Netflix, YouTube, Max, Disney+, Prime Video) have listed, the file size is under 32KB for each icon but when I try to upload it, the damn thing won’t upload. It just sits there and I get no msg.
I am assuming you have to thru the following sequence

Activities->WatchTV->Edit User Interface->under new page, you choose button with Icons. Here you can choose some of the icons provided by Unfolded or you can upload custom Icons. That is where I am getting stuck.
I understand that once I have the Icon, I can then associate a command like Input Source (Apple TV)->Source (this is the pull down from which i can choose sub activity associated with the Icon).

Hello NanoRish,

You have to make sure the icon size is 90x90 pixels otherwise the upload will freeze, also make sure the icon names are different.
I get my icons from this also gives you option to download the icons in correct size.


Thanks Geoffito,

This worked, I was initially creating a PNG files with 90X90 pixels but I guess they were not appropriate size (Although each was 32Kb and less). Your Icon link worked and I have been able to uploads custom Icons.

Really appreciate the help

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That’s ok, happy to help as others have helped me on this forum.
would be interested in what icons and layout you went with.

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Just wanted to share as to what Icons I was able to add to create a profile for Apple TV 4K.
Thanks again for the help.

Well done. Do they look the same way on the actual remote?
What I have found on my remote is that the icons on the actual remote are slightly bigger and more bunched together than in the web configurator.

My approach is to shrink the larger ones a bit. I use a 70x70 icon and then centre it to a blank 90x90 png.

Thanks. That is helpful. Are you doing this in Photoshop or are you using any other software?

I’m using … can be done in any reasonably feature graphics editor.

I am using 80x80, then adjust the canvas to 90x90. I can not find anywhere the resolution of the display. However I assume it is something like 560 x 360 pixels (16:9).

So four icons horizontally, 6 vertrically, 20 pixels for the “dots”.

That’s why I am using a 4x6 grid for all pages.

If someone wants the icons I created for AppleTV streaming services and most Ziggo (Netherlands) channels let me know.

I am interested! Can you post them somewhere?

Just a quick FYI: I have been using two sources for icons, both found through the discord/the forum: - a myriad of styles, many are transparent .PNGs, the download tool makes it easy to set background color/transparency and size (these icons need to be 90 x 90 to load).

Material Design Icons - Icon Library - Pictogrammers - material design icons, good for activities, devices, etc. Once again, the download tool makes it easy to set icon color, background transparency, and size.

I really like the icons8 editor, as it lets you easily adjust the “padding” on your .PNG file. For example, let’s look at two icons. Normally I use transparent backgrounds, but I’m going to put the icon on a colored background so it’s easier to demonstrate the difference.

This is how the icon looks when the padding is set to 0%:

Then, when I hit download, I can set the size to 90x90, generating the following image

And this is how the icon looks when the padding is set to, say, 20%:

And what it looks like downloaded

I hope this helps!

Great instructions. Personally I like rounded corners. I use to round the corners and fill the corners with black background.

That looks awesome. I’m converting all mine now. Cheers!

EDIT: I’ve noticed that when the activity button is focussed the background changes from black to a grey and the black corners are visible. Changing them to transparent fixes it though.

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Good one, I did not use them on a grey background yet. Transparency makes it suitable for generic use. Thx.

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Thank you. I love the rounded corners.