How does it compare to the Pronto Pro TSU7000 remotes?

Still using my old Pronto Pro TSU7000 and a few RFX6500 RF to IR repeaters.
Will Remote Two have repeaters for other rooms?
How hard is it to move over information and devices from the Pronto Pro?

I never owned any Pronto remotes but you can pair multiple docks with the remote and decide which device should use which dock and ir output channel. You can also build a DIY-Dock: GitHub - petchmakes/ESP32-IRBlaster-UCR2: An ESP32 IR blaster implementing the UCR2 dock websocket API.

Hello Tanquen

I have been using Pronto’s for many years. The Remote Two should actually replace them. Unfortunately, this is no longer an issue and probably won’t be for some time. For me, the Remote Two is almost useless compared to the Pronto. The programming of the R2 is a disaster, to put it nicely. This in addition to all the other features that were promised but have not yet been delivered

That is too bad. I’d really like to upgrade from the trusty old TSU7000s that I have. I need a new RFX6500 that I can’t find.

Is it really that bad? Even if you are just doing basic macro stuff?

I don’t find it as disaster, user mileage may vary. It’s not “everyday consumer”-product yet, that is certain.

Unfortunately, that’s the case. I don’t even think it has beta status yet. Compared to ProntoEdit, the R2 is far behind. The operation is absolutely cumbersome and poorly or not at all documented. I have put the R2 back on the side, especially since a new GUI has been announced. Only if the release plan continues to be adhered to as before, I have no great expectations that this or next year will be the case. And until then I won’t be touching the thing.

For me, it’s definitely not a disaster.

Many years ago, I had a Pronto and found programming with ProntoEdit quite cumbersome back then. Transitioning to the Harmony made programming significantly easier. Programming the R2 is now a bit different from the Harmony, but interestingly, I actually find programming for the R2 even easier than with the Harmony.

Yes, much of it is currently not well-documented, but the logic in programming is definitely well thought out for me.

I see the problem more in the nearly unusable infrared implementation, but there are now alternative solutions from dedicated users here in the forum and over on the UC Discord server.

Regarding network-based control, I definitely miss the ability to send native HTTP commands, but you can also manage with the existing Home Assistant integration.

All in all, the R2 has undergone good development and is on a good path towards becoming a very good universal remote for many use cases. At my place, the R2 is now running together with Home Assistant as the daily remote for my LG TV, Apple TV, VU+ satellite receiver and the SONOS speakers (all of my devices are ip controlled by the R2).


it is definitivly no desaster but you need some time to get used to it. I came from Harmony but also know the Pronto and it is different but not more complicated. It is a bit more comparable with the Harmony than the Pronto. The workflow is like the Harmony but not so restricted. The flexibility and GUI possibilities of the Pronto are unbeaten. It would be a big step if HTTP Get/Post would be supported.


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