How are you organizing your remote?

Working on getting my Remote Two up to par to replace my Harmony Elite and my question to the community is how are you organizing your remotes?

What I am trying to replicate is the Activities and the Devices functionality. For my activities, I use a subset of device functionality in the activity by adding soft-buttons for the screen. For example on my Watch Apple TV activity, I have a soft button to change the Denon Surround Mode to best fit what I am watching if it doesn’t have proper surround. I.e. I often change to Multi-Stereo when listening to Music through the Apple TV for fuller sound instead of standard stereo.

On the Harmony, I sometimes have need to jump to a device to control some other function that is not within the activity.

To duplicate this on Remote Two, it seems like I have to create an Activity dedicated to a device with no startup and no shutdown commands in the same Group as my activities. That way I can customize the UI for that one device.

To me this seems like a kludge, as the remote will keep this device activity active when I switch back to the Watch Apple TV activity. It would be nice if there was a dedicated “Device” category in the remote where you can access those and not have it be “active” when switching to and from it, if that makes sense.

Does anyone else have a better way of setting this up? Thanks!

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i have the same organisation.
One page for activities : watch tv, watch movie, play nintendo switch
One page for devices : tv, amps, projector, screen (with all functions)

And same as you in activies watch tv for example, i have channel’s icons and some functions that i use often like surround mode (movie, music) and shortcut to toggle tv to projector or projector to tv.

Maybe you can share your screen ?

I also posted on Github as a feature request. I received a reply there about using Remotes for this, but that only seems to apply to IR Remotes. Would be nice if we could also add Non-IR in the Remotes section to get the functionality without resorting to Activities. I think what I have works for now, but just doesn’t seem like long term with the way Activities work, it is a great solution.

Note, these are from the Web Configurator, so the Icons are not sized correctly in the interface, but look right on the remote.

Here are my various screens:





I prefer remote’s photos for my UI because web configuror make my UI disgusting !

Kodi activity :

Tv activity

Denon remote

Shorcut in activity to power off / on device who are not start or stop correctly