Horrendous battery life

So this remote dies in less than 24 hours IF my activity is left active for say, about 10 hours. I have my activities set to “keep remote awake when active” because if I don’t use this setting, the remote becomes unresponsive for a while when going back to something as simple as changing the volume. I cannot stand the way this works to be honest. Remote should be responsive and ready to send commands ALL of the time. UGH.

Anyhow, the remote functions how I would like it to when having it not sleep during an active activity. The problem, however, is that if I for example start an activity around maybe 5PM, have it enabled for a while, and then fall asleep or something…come back to the remote in the morning and it’s completely DEAD. I know I can charge it every night, but that’ll just destroy the battery. I am hoping that a firmware update can solve this issue somehow, but if not, this remote is almost pointless. I can leave my Harmony on all the time and only have to charge it about every 2 weeks.

I have a Harmony Elite, not in a million years. I needed to charge mine every day.

Yes, R2 has a shorter battery-life, personally that’s not been an issue since I have second dock on table. Great to charge while watching movies etc :slight_smile:

The battery life is also one of the few points that really bothers me, the battery lasts a day at best.

I have an ultimate, elite, and a pro 2400. I charge my 2400 every 2 weeks. So maybe yours is old or you just charge it too much and the battery has worn. Anyways, my R2 battery will last ONLY if I don’t have that do not sleep setting disabled. Blah

Battery life of R2 is really disappointing, it last a day and really not much more. At the moment, with quite new battery it’s not really a problem for me, but what is in 1 or 2 years with an older battery?

I also have a Harmony Elite and a Harmony Utlimate and both have a battery life of 2 or max 3 days in daily use. Maybe that battery lasts a little bit longer when they were new. But… 2 weeks? Really?! :flushed:
Never ever!

My Harmony Elite lasted a week or more depending on use. Unfortunately, the remote 2 only lasts around a day, maximum two.