HELP - Just got the remote and need IR help!

Hi Quinterly,

I hate to bother you again but I downloaded the Motorola QIP code set and at first I couldn’t find ENTER but then I found CURSOR ENTER. Is that the code you sent me?


Yes, it is.

I just read all of this and I think I have determined that you being a software engineer is actually required to get the remote working. For the rest of us, I think the remote is just going to look pretty on a shelf. Or maybe I need REMOTE THREE where there is more infrastructure in place vs. needing 6 forums, github and working after hours and weekends for a month to get things up and running. It does show me why Harmony gave up - It is a ton of work to make all of this work.



I’m a software engineer that has retired many years ago so my experience is not as sharp as it used to be so I’m not so far advanced from everyone else!

I don’t think you need to have software experience to get the R2 to eventually work but I do think there should have been more user information and a larger data base of ready to use codes available before it was released. While my level of frustration has been VERY high at times I knew full well that this remote would take a LOT of work to make it work like our beloved Harmony Elite. We just have to keep at it!!


That’s where I differ from a lot of the people on here … I don’t think much of Harmony products. The only one that is marginally usable are the Hub based ones, but they aren’t very good (IMO). The learning curve on the R2, if you’re expectations are Harmony, are admittedly steeper than you might have expected, but if you have any experience working with integrator remotes (eg. URC), the R2 is ahead in some areas, behind in others, but not that difficult at all.

Also, this was a kickstarter project … at the rate current progress is being made, it will be far more polished over the next few months.

Agreed. This is not a point and click device. But it’s easy to customize once you learn how to configure everything. It just requires more manual work. I love tinkering, so it’s right up my alley. But either way, you have to look at this remote as a work in progress. It will, hopefully, get better over time and be more user friendly. Regardless, it allows wayyyyy more customizability if compared to harmony. It’s more on the same as URC and others that require a certified tech.

While I too understood the needs for my time invested, I was sure hoping for more documentation, and or videos and walk throughs. When I tried to hook it up it instantly started with a bad user experience. I like the look and feel of the product, but overall I think I have barely got my TV working with it so far and am thinking daily that the Sony remote that came with my TV and sometime shaving to go to one other remote might just be what I do.

Also as far as I know this the remote two has no ability for voice control, maybe yet or maybe ever? With that on the sony remote with Android TV and on cable with xfinity it would be nice to get that, but I would assume that is an API integration that might never be a thing.


I just got the IR repeater you got but unfortunately I’m not having much success with it. I set it up and started to test it with the R2. The only stuff I have in the R2 are IR Devices for my LG TV, a Denon AVR and some codes that work with my Frontier DVR. So first I try with the LG TV and nothing works. Then I try the codes I have for the DRV and they don’t work either. I then disconnect the repeater and go back to the IR blasters from the R2 hub and both the TV and DVR work. I try the repeater again and still nothing for the TV and DVR.

I have a smaller IR repeater that I’ve had for a long time for a TV in my bedroom so I try that out and the DVR works but the TV still doesn’t work! I then added my Denon AVR device to the R2 and that DID work with the new repeater.

So for some reason my LG TV won’t work with either the new IR repeater or the old one but the DVR will work with the old repeater but not the new one. And the Denon AVR DOES work with the new repeater.

ALL VERY STRANGE!!! For now I’m using one of the long cable blasters that came with the new remote plugged into the hub to feed the TV and DVR and that works. Then I have a blaster from the new repeater feeding the AVR. I have a Roku but the integration doesn’t seem to work so I’m going to try to control it with IR but at this point I have no idea it will work with the new repeater?



Hello gerryex,

How are you connecting the repeater to the dock?
I have a repeater very similar to yours and it works very well.
I connect output 1 of the dock directly to the repeater with a 3.5mm jack to jack plug, then setup the IR output device and IR output port on each remote configuration.
hope this helps?


I’m just using the IR receiver of the repeater to pick up the signal. Both the receiver and the repeater have a blue LED that blinks when it’s receiving so I know it’s picking up the signal but my LG TV nor my DVR does not respond to it. But my Denon AVR does work. And using a different smaller repeater works with the DVR but still not working for the LG TV.

I also programmed the DVR’s remote to control the TV and confirmed it worked by itself. But when I try to use that remote though the repeater to the TV is does not work.

I’m totally confused!!


Very odd.
is it worth changing the IR outputs of the repeater to see if you have a duff item.
i.e put the TV in to the IR port that is connected to your DVR as we know the DVR works through the repeater.
also personally I word connect the UC dock directly to the repeater and remove the IR receiver.

I forgot to mention this before! Sorry. But yes, you NEED to use a stereo cable for the IR input/receiver connection that goes to the dock. This device wouldn’t work for me either, until I used an actual STEREO cable (3 lines on the pin). The one that comes with the kit I believe does not work.

Some pics…


Thanks for the replies about my troubles with an IR repeater but I have determined that its some kind of fluke with my LG TV! I took the Frontier DVR’s remote and programed it to work with my TV and it worked fine. Then I aimed it in such a way that ONLY the IR receiver could pick up the signal and the LG TV would still not respond. And as I said I used a different IR repeater and the LG TV would still not respond. So the R2 has nothing to do with my problems with the LG TV not responding to the repeater.

So for now I’m using the longer cable from the repeater plugged into the R2 hub and it is in sight of both the TV and the DVR so they both respond. Then one of the cables from the repeater works with my Denon AVR. The only other thing I have is a Roku which so far has not been discovered via the integration so I’ll try controlling it with IR.

All of the above was rather annoying as I’m still trying to get the R2 set up to actually use. So I’m leaving all the IR stuff as is which is workable and concentrate on getting the R2 set up.

Thanks again,