Hard map physical buttons

I would like to hard map the physical buttons to entity commands (for every integration). I It would be nice if that can be setup independent from the page your looking at.


Hello! Same need for me. I am driving different amplifiers depending on which activity I am runnning so the IR commands for volume should be different.

You can change the button mapping in each activity to suit.

Click ‘Edit user interface’ at the top of the activity setup page.

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Yes - but then you need to create a new activity for each device.
Eg. I have my apple TV and would just like to change the volume buttons so that i can keep the UI of apple TV in the main display.

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Yes, but wawa79 said ‘depending on which activity I am runnning’, so I thought what I replied was valid for him/her.

Yes, that does the trick, like it did on the Neeo. But @Major_Tom is right : one activity per device is needed (advantage compared to the Neeo : the ability to dupliate an activity)

I understand @Major_Tom expects a kind of "customizable " activity for hard button and I share his point: when the Kodi integration will be available, I also will need the volume buttons to be mapped to the IR vol+/vol- of my av receiver rathe than the vol+/vol- in Kodi


It seems that when you create an activity for “watch Apple TV”, you can add a “media” section to the activity screen and this respects play/pause on touching it, but you lose the fantastic preview of what is playing in you are on the Apple TV integration. In may case I want to control the volume on my Sonos.

I guess if the media box would reproduce the main integration features, ti would be OK, but it is still a lot of messing around to set up all the mappings of the keys from scratch for each device/activity…

Try to change the size of the media component. If its to small then not everything will be displayed like in the integration UI.

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I now have a great 4x4 media window which indeed seems to work! Thanks! :grinning: