Hard Buttons Go Unresponsive

Just reaching out to see if anyone else having a similar issue.

Although there are some comments regarding the remote being slow to respond after going to sleep. When I pick up the remote and turn on a an activity, the relevant power on sequence works but when the new page is shown, any actions programmed on screen work fine but no hard buttons work. This even applies to a duplicated ir, say play/pause which works on screen but not with the hard buttons. When this problem occurs all hard buttons are affected. The only way to rectify this is to do a reboot whereupon everything will work.

If anyone else has seen this issue, have you discovered what may be causing this?


It’s a known issue but not reproducible for everyone Buttons Unresponsive · Issue #176 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

You can contribute to this ticket with these informations:

  • What kind of entities and integrations are used within the activity
  • Button mappings of the activity
  • If the activity is within an activity group
  • If multiple activities are running
  • Log information
    • Settings: Development/Logs
    • Download logs from: Core service, User interface app, and optionally the integrations you are using in the activity.
      Priority: DEBUG
      If the event to observe didn’t happen right before downloading the log file:
      increase the number of log entries to 1000
      optionally set a timeframe

I have just posted a log file. As mentioned in my post, it seems that this issue has been fixed on home assistant integrations : I don’t have any loss of physical buttons commands, except when the remote wakes from sleep where it needs a delay to reconnect.
This apart, the AppleTV integration (and probably the shield’s one) still have the same problem. A soft reboot is necessary to make it work again.

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I am having the same issue. Exiting the activity and relaunching it (even though it’s already “on”) re-enables the buttons.