Full size clickable button without having to open a pop up first

I have been using the R2 increasingly as it has become more stable. In the process, I often find myself using the remote upon entering my home to activate a Home Assistant script to toggle a light scene. In similar situations, I might just want to turn a single light off or on without encountering a pop-up first that displays the full functionality.

I would like to submit a feature request to be able to decide, per button (entity), whether it should first open the pop-up with full light or script functionality or just make it one large clickable button, eliminating the need to press the small icon or to first open the pop-up.

Looking forward to seeing if others are interested in this, as I haven’t been able to find anything similar in the community yet.

I’m not sure I fully get what you are after, but I have buttons in R2 to activate a script in HA. As an example I have one for “Movie Lights”, another for “Tv LIghts”, one for “Go to sleep” etc etc. Works like a charm.