Firmware Release 1.6.4

Release 1.6.4 - 2024-01-19


  • Activity groups: New option for switching activities: “Run modified off sequence” (#64).
    • Run the original off-sequence of the old activity and dynamically filter out power-off commands.
  • Web-configurator: configure, check and install Remote Two software updates (#274).
  • Dynamic power toggle feature in remote-entity. Automatically add a POWER_TOGGLE command if the IR dataset has POWER_ON and POWER_OFF commands.


  • Web-configurator:
    • Show correct dock status LED brightness value (#178).
    • Available entities not shown in last setup-flow step.
    • Backup: Show status display for backup and restore operations.
  • Integration drivers: subscribe_events message sequence order after authentication (#272).
  • Entity group toggle only toggles the first entity in the group (#279).
  • Activity group shows the set default options for “Remove delays after turn-on commands” and “turn-off unused entities” instead of an empty setting.
  • Web-configurator dock handling:
    • Show correct version number after firmware update (#179).
    • Improved error handling if firmware update failed (#54, #184).
    • Show dock release notes if a new update is available.
    • Clicking on the available dock firmware update notification opens the dock information and doesn’t automatically trigger the update anymore.
  • Activity states are lost when editing an activity group (#225).