Firmware Release 1.6.0

Release 1.6.0 - 2024-01-09

Breaking changes

  • Changed IR code format for toggle & sequence codes. This should not affect many users, since this was a hidden feature only mentioned in the API.
    • The | separator is now used for two PRONTO toggle codes.
    • The + separator is used for IR sequences of 2 or more codes.
    • Manually added IR code sequences must be changed to use the + separator.


  • Additional infrared codesets for set-top boxes and generic TV codesets for: Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp
  • Settings option to always show battery percentage on the remote.
  • Android TV integration: more app mappings, launch Max, Spotify, Steam Link, Videoland, Ziggo (thanks to Lars-’ contribution).


  • Sporadic system crashes related to key presses.
  • IR toggle-bit support logic for RC-5, RC-6, RC-MM 32bit (Nokia32) protocols (#126, #129, #148, #234).
  • Allow saving of activities and macros containing deleted entities (#208).
  • Clear activity cache when editing activity group (#225).
  • UI fixes and improvements:
    • Unresponsive buttons after closing an activity.
    • Inconsistent behaviour for unavailable entity for key select vs tap.
    • Command execution loop when command fails.
    • Wait for previous command ACK before sending new command.
    • Language text retrieval.
  • Web-configurator fixes and improvements:
    • Resource upload: invalid image freezes & crashes web app (#232).
    • Scrolling through available entities list resets to top (#242).
    • Disable entity configuration if integration is disconnected.
    • Confirmation dialogs for resetting button- and UI-mappings.
  • Roon integration: disable album art image logging to prevent blocking, improved zone subscription logic.
  • Home Assistant integration: reconnect to HA server after changing driver configuration, improved reconnection logic (#243).


  • Home-Assistant integration: unlimited reconnection attempts by default (#263).
  • Enhanced logging of activity groups and IR toggle-bits.
  • Linux kernel update and keypad driver.