Firmware Release 1.5.2

Release 1.5.2


  • Sony TV IR codes (#143).
  • Backup of Denon AVR integration and activity groups.
  • Roon integration crash during setup and zone changes while nothing is playing (#215).
  • Improved web-configurator reconnection and request timeout handling. A reconnection screen is shown while disconnected.


  • Reconfiguration of integration drivers in the web-configurator without removing and adding the driver again.
    Note: this might not yet work for all drivers!

Release 1.5.1


  • Preview feature settings in web-configurator.
  • IR blaster in the remote as preview feature (#75).
    • Attention: native IR-repeat is not yet supported.

Release 1.5.0


  • Initial test version of activity groups (#64).
  • WS Core-API: entity-type & activity-group specific change-event channels for subscribe_events.
  • REST Core-API: configuration of the overall IR command repeat for a remote-entity.
    • The configuration in the Web-configurator will be added in a future update.
    • This is useful for certain PRONTO codes, which must be sent twice, e.g. for Sony devices.


  • Improve WiFi stability on certain networks.
  • Use / character in IR code names (#187).
  • Icons are lost on macros in UI app (#202).
  • Common fixes in UI app.
  • WebSocket Core-API: don’t auto-subscribe new clients to all events.