Firmware Release 1.4.5

Release 1.4.5


  • Web-configurator: activity group management (#64).
    This does not yet include the entity power state logic, when switching between activities within a group.
  • Button to delete current WiFi network.
  • Error state handling when starting activities.
  • Show source list for all media player device types.


  • Crash when deleting entities from group (#147).
  • Entity titles disappear while editing or state changes (#152).
  • Support WiFi SSID names with proper UTF-8 encoding (#158).
    • Special, non-UTF-8 names are not yet supported!
  • Activity loosing button control (#161).
  • Media player power-toggle command is not dependent on entity-features.
  • Ignored button presses, if the command previously resulted in an error.
  • Improved Android TV reconnection after wakeup (#34).
  • Web-configurator:
    • Entity commands with bool parameter (#133).
    • Media-player select_source command editor with source selection in UI component and button mapping.
    • Edit IR codes after import.
    • Reload data if activity couldn’t be saved.
    • Improved layout for non-english texts.
    • Missing icons in button mappings.