Firmware Release 1.2.0

Release 1.2.0

Breaking Changes

  • Philips Hue integration needs to be reconfigured (delete integration and add it again).
  • Activities & macros: commands with parameters (e.g. light brightness) may need to be reconfigured (change parameter value, or remove and add command again).


  • Roku integration.
  • Trigger Home Assistant scripts with button entities.
  • Download enhanced system logs with new “All services” option.
  • Pages in the UI will loop to the first page when reaching the last.
  • Load and display existing IR code when editing custom codes in web-configurator.


  • Button entities will now show up in the activity & macro command list and are working in the activity button mappings & UI elements.
    Note: already configured buttons in an activity might have to be reconfigured.
  • Commands with parameters (e.g. set brightness) work correctly in activities and macros.
  • Set default IR output in a new remote entity, if a single dock is available.
    If multiple docks are available, no default output is set.
  • Philips Hue integration connectivity issues.
  • Download Roon integration logs.
  • Roon integration might not find outputs.
  • Commands might fail without error in the Apple TV integration.
  • UI displaying wrong country names.
  • UI commands repeated on bad request.


  • Using native keypad driver to fix stuck key issue.
    Note: we have seen sporadic system freezes with this driver and are investigating it! Please report if you experience button issues.
  • WebSocket reconnect handling: retry multiple times with old resolved IP address after disconnect or system resume.
  • Linux kernel update
  • Updated Bang and Olufsen integration dependencies.