Extend range of Bluetooth

I have just bought an Allente 1 satellite Box which is controlled via Bluetooth only. The box and the remote will be in different rooms 15 m apart.
Has Antoine installed a bluetooth extender/repeater or a mesh system successfully. I only want to relay the remote control signal to the box.

I never heard about a bluetooth repeater but the UC will allow more than 1 dock connected to a remote.


Please let me know what UC stands for. There are ways of extending a bluetooth signal but I have not been successful in finding the devices needed. You are supposed to be able to build up a mesh system like with WiFi.

UC = unfolded circle = an artist formerly known as Remote 2.

There might be ways to extend BlueTooth but in this case the devices must be paired and I am not sure if it is possible then. I searched with Google and it seems there are such devices but very expensive. I think a second Dock will be cheaper.


I don’t think that the dock can be used to forward Bluetooth commands. I may be wrong but I guess that the BT will be processed on remote side only

I don´t think that the Dock will forward but directly control a device and in the configuration you can tell the remote which transmitter (Remote or selected Dock) will control a device. I only have 1 Dock so I cannot tell for sure.


Hi Ralf, this is true for IR remotes, but for BT this is a little more tricky as it would require to pair each client (docks and remotes) to the target device, or else to select which device (dock or remote) will transmit the orders and then put it in pairing mode. Not impossible but more complicated.

This is the reason why I guess that only the remote will be paired and send the commands, not the docks. The BT chip of the docks would be used only for pairing themselves to the remote.

This is just a thought though

you might be right because the Remote is the central and does everything.

With my Harmonies it is the Dock/Hub which pairs but it is not intended to be used with several remotes or several hubs. I hope the dock will pair. We will see. I am very curious about the BlueTooth integration.


Thank you for your input