Excited to be here, looking forward to seeing my harmony replacement!

I consider it a safe assumption that most of us are in the same boat.


I bought YIO 1 and was out of my comfort zone to be honest. I bought it to control Roon and that didnt end well (my fault). With the remote 2 being more user friendly and having roon integration Im super excited to get my hands on one.

Very excited too :grimacing:

Hi Guys,

Are there any dates yet when we may be able to get our hands on these, my harmony is ready to die at any moment

Still waiting for PCB …

I am also waiting on general availability for this (I think I’m on the waitlist three times because I kept forgetting I was already on the waitlist). When Harmony announced they were discontinuing everything, I bought another Hub/remote as a backup, and the one I have running is working fine, but I’m ready to be on a platform that doesn’t require a connection to a cloud service that could go away anytime (the Hub annoyingly checks remotely for updates every time you connect to it).

I did exactly the same… Works well, I wonder if a small team of Unfolded Circle will reach similar controlled devices coverage. Keeping fingers crossed for having enough customers to cover the continuous development cost.

Hi there,
For years I wanted to Switch to a Logitech harmony - but since it was Something without top priority it never happened… So far.
Finally, after getting to the Point that I had MS Smarthome Set Up and could Focus on TV remote stuff, I found Out that harmony will be shut down.

Now, I am searching for a replacement, that will Work with HomeAssistant… And will also Support some devices Like the Telekom Magenta Receiver (Germany)… I am Not Sure, If the remote two will Support those… And the price tag isn’t Something that I would by Just for ‘let’s try it out’ …

Are there any Information available already about supported devices etc.?

If the receiver supports IR you will be able to learn the codes from the original remote. Or these will already be included in the IR-database. Unfortunately the current simulator vm image only includes a dummy IR database.
If the receiver supports IP-control or Bluetooth and the documentation about this is publicly available someone could write an integration driver for that device as well.
If a HA integration already exists for that device you could also control it via the HA integration on the remote.
Marton mentioned that there will be a voting system where anyone can request an integration and vote on already requested ones. They try to priorities based on this list the development of these and you’ll be able to follow it online as well.

Im also looking forward to replace my old Harmony with this awesome remote. Unfortunately I have to wait for the moment that orders can be placed because I missed the Kickstarter project :eyes: so I hope that enough sets are available.

I am very optimistic of the YIO Remote 2. I’ve reviewed the Sofabaton X1 and the Best Joy Super Remote, but neither of them are a good replacement for the Harmony Elite.

Hi, I have used Sofabaton X1, it sort of works but does not have the same quality level of my old Logitech. So I switched back to the Logitech and hope if will keep on working until Remote Two can be ordered.

It has been quiet at UnfoldedCircle for some time now… any updates? I’m really looking forward, owned a NEEO device in the past, but didnt end up well. Loved the device, getting the same vibes with Yio2 but then improved!

I’m in the same boat - Harmony Elite user for years and anticipating the Remote 2 as a huge step-up replacement. While my Harmony still works, it has developed many quirks that I don’t appreciate - most notably the need to tap activity names sometimes 4 times to get it to work, even though the icon registers the tap each time.

Anyway, for those who didn’t back this project on KS, the devs have been regularly posting updates to us backers and I’m very happy with how the project has been run so far. My remote is due for delivery tomorrow and then the fun really begins!