Entity - Signify HUE (Philips)

I’ve been using the HUE integration and found out that the Toggle function for the lights is not Toggling to the OFF state in only switches on my lights :frowning:

Hi, I can´t even get my integration to install. I get the message “Oops something went wrong”. Error Code “Other”. Someone else has this problem?

Hue integration was so buggy that I disabled it. Only using Home Assitant for now (my Hue lights are available via Home Assistant too)

Sadly have to concur, been trying to make a simple macro that switches 21 hue lights to state; OFF. And making the macro isn’t difficult but sadly each time I try to use the macro it already get’s off the rails with the first light which gives a time-out, will it is switched; ON. Per light it most of the time works to control it but I also find it very buggy and slow.

@Laess3r @jeroen Could you please send your logs with your Hue software version and what devices you try to control to support@unfoldedcircle.com? We’ll look into this.
You can get the logs from the Web configurator in Settings/Logs. Please choose the Philips Hue integration. Thanks

same here, will try it tonite again