Does anyone know the (approximate) backer number currently shipping?

Many thanks. John V.

I was backer 703 a d I just got my UPS tracking number this week.


I have 896 and I have nothing yet.

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I am baker no. 780 and received my reward on 09 October 2023.

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Is 780 your Kickstarter or Backerkit number?

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This is my kickstarter no. Backerkit I am probably the 515th.

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Backer #1,220 of 1167 and no shipping information received from the company.


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Backer #989, just got my ship notice!

I’m backer #1073 and got my shipment notification (through UPS and BackerKit) last Tuesday with a planned delivery day of Wednesday (by UPS). Shipping from Germany to The Netherlands. However, nothing was delivered on Wednesday and now UPS only says a label has been printed. Is this normal? I can understand that a label needs to be printed first and then the package is picked up the day after, but normally it doesn’t take more than that…

And of course I got just the delivery notification. It will be delivered on Monday.

I’m backer 1188 and I see shipment is ending and I have nothing (4 remote order) and no response from Unfolded. Disconcerting.