Dock not connecting

I’m trying to connect the dock. The orange led is blinking. The remote finds it, I enter name, password and wifi connection.
Then the orange led changes between a few colors, and the twice white, and the turns off.
The remote keeps showing the loading. after a few seconds, the remote says Error Time Out. The dock hasn’t been added.

How can it be solved?

Had this happen once, did a reset on the dock (power off and press small button on the bottom for 10 sec)

Didn’t help in my case

Have you ever checked to see if the dock was added anyway? I also remember error messages during this process. But the dock was added later.

I checked, and it wasn’t added… no idea what to do

Someone on Discord also wasn’t able to pair the remote with the dock but only when he first turned on the remote and then the dock. It only worked the other way around.