Dock is temporarily not accessible

Hello everyone,

This is the second time I’ve had the following problem: One of my docks is not accessible and just flashes alternately like this:
fast white flashes followed by slow orange flashes.

It doesn’t help if you unplug the dock and restart it. The only thing that helps is to wait. Last time I observed it at night and the next morning it calmed down again. Today it was similar. But it only lasted maybe 10 minutes before the spook was over again.

What does this blink combination tell me? The status of the dock then always changes from connecting to reconnecting.

You can find the status LED codes here: Smart Charging Dock status LED codes : Unfolded Circle Support

Could be a network problem of the dock. I heard from other people that they were only able to get a stable dock network connection via ethernet and wifi was always unstable.

LAN usually saves you gray hair and is usually much more stable.