Dock 3: rs232 devices

The Dock 3 mentions “compatible rs232 devices”. Will it be possible to define devices/actions?
Can the device work as a tcp/udp to rs232 bridge?
Meaning: it receives a tcp or udp packet and sends out an rs232 command as a result? And vice versa (rs 232 input → tcp/udp output)?
Second question: can it use input from an rs232 port to show something on the screen? (e.g. the current source selected on an amplifier)

I‘m interested in similar question.
Trinnov Altitude 32 can receive RS232 commands, (how) would it be possible to connect the R2/R3 (dock) to the Atitude to send commands like power on/off etc.?

No comments on this? It could be useful to connect e.g. an amplifier to have discrete control and - if possible - show the status.