Do the Ext. 1 & 2 ports not work?

For the life of me I cannot get the 3.5mm rear ports to work. I have the IR out connected to the IR in of my Anthem AVM 60 and the control is weak & slow. If I press the volume up button, it may work. It may not. When it does work, it is so slow. I can only increase the volume by pressing the button once, wait a second, & then again. It would take over a minute to go from mute to full volume at the rate the rear ports are going. What am I doing wrong here?

Kevin T

I unplugged the 3.5mm from the IR in on the back of the AVM 60 and tried using just an IR Blaster into the front of the AVM 60. That seems to be working better for now.

Kevin T

This is exactly how those ports are supposed to be used. The IR input ports of devices often use proprietary protocols which are not compatible (usually those are supposed to be used with IR output ports from the same manufacturer, e.g. if you have multiple devices to be controlled from a single remote of that manufacturer).

Have you double checked that output port this remote entitiy is not set to any of the dock only options?

Yes. Output was set to “all”. I was hoping to be able to use the rear IR input for a “cleaner” appearance, but then again all the equipment is inside a vented closet so it’s not like I see it that often anyways.

Direct wiring between an IR “extender” output and IR input is not guaranteed to work. They are designed to work with a “flasher”, “blaster”, etc. and and “eye” respectively. The eye input will definitely have DC on it. The flasher output may either have the cathode permanently grounded and send +Vcc to the anode, or be permanently at +Vcc at the anode and turn on at the cathode. I believe UC uses the latter method but there is no standard way. Your best bet is to use the ports as designed, with a blaster and eye. You can put them in a small container in optical range of one another, if you don’t want the possibility of interfering with or being interfered by other IR signals.