Denon Integration - set volume to certain number

I‘m using the Denon-Integration in my activities. I would like to set volume at a certain number when starting the AVR. Somehow this doesn‘t work at all. See also enclosed picture.

Do I have to use delay before or after using the command? Or how do I make this work. Maybe important I do have a Marantz AVR… but normall Denon and Marantz use the same codes…

Thanks for any help on this!


You can set a default power-on volume in the settings of your AVR, but I guess you already know that.
I guess you want to set a default per activity.
The 3ms and 6ms aren’t very long delays, maybe you can test with a few seconds…
But what you could also do before that, is assign a (onscreen) button to setting the volume a certain level. That way you can test if that functionality works. After that test with the order of actions in the power-on sequence, and maybe some delays.

Good luck!


Yes, that‘s correct. Wanted to set a default per activity. But seems like a good idea to first test the functionality… so will test accordingly. thanks for your input and help!

Short update:

Functionality is working. Just had to fiddle with the delays…. 3000 ms is now working

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