Deleted IR remotes are not deleted from DB

Hi all,
I am trying to configure Xbox Series X remote and actually faced an issue that IR remotes and code sets are not deleted if deleted from the UI. They are not shown in the UI but if I want to add a new remote with same name UI is saying that data already exists. How do I purge deleted data?


I had literaly the same issue creating one for my xbox yesterday.
Found the bugreport for it on github:

[bug] User-created IR-Sets do not appear in the dropdown when creating a new remote, but block creating a new ir-set with the same name · Issue #4 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

Its a bit finicky cause there isnt a UI element for it yet.

I wrote a small windows Forms Program for it. So i dont have to remember the lines or anything. You just have to enter the IP of the Remote and the PIN to connect.
When hit search it should get the complete list in the dropdown where you can slect the one you want to delete. Just be carefull to not delete one that is in use.

Here the OneDrive Download:

Hope that helps.


Amazing. Thanks a lot.

Btw, did you figure out how to control Xbox? Nothing works for me… I even tried learning IR code from Harmony which worked but sending it back to Xbox via Unfolded remote (tried both dock and new remote IR blaster) does nothing.

The importing also did not quite work for me so for now i manually added the pronto codes from this page.

URC TC - Xbox one Pronto Hex codes and IR location (

I tested a lot so I’m not complete shure what problems where which. But to turn the Xbox On/Off the “Power_Toggle” worked better for me than the seperate ones. Just fyi.

Also the IR sending from the remote directly does not work and the station signals are quite weak so its best to put one IR cable directly up to the Xbox.

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Thanks Zuse13! Defenitely a bug they need to fix.
However I still get the message code already in database, so to speed things up I simply copy them directly from Prontoedit into the Remote 2.