Define your own pin code for the web configurator


The pic code of the web configurator is generated by a random number generator.

It would be great if you could set it yourself. Then you can also remember the code better, which you need every time to log in.

Is it actually normal that the connection to the web configurator is somewhat unstable? It happens very often that the website is not available. Does the remote control go into standby from time to time and is then no longer accessible (it doesn’t really have to be in the dock)? I then play around with the remote control and restart it and eventually the site is accessible again.


The remote goes to sleep after some time and it’s advices to put it into the dock when using the configurator. Only then it will not activate sleep mode.

I find the random generated PIN really annoying, would much prefer a fixed configurable code


I would actually prefer a real alphanumeric password.

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