Defective remote, waiting for support response for more than a month


I do not know, if I am the only one having a defective remote (the dock is still working).
At 13. Jan 2024 I got this (new and working) remote from a forum member.

04 Feb 2024
The remote failed, to be seen here:
Remote ist rebooting continuously

I described the behaviour to the support.

12 Feb 2024
Marton answered: Try a factory reset!

13 Feb 2024
I answered: The factory reset does not work, the behaviour remains the same.

20 Feb 2024
Lutz Harder answered, they will create a return label.

22 Feb 2024 and
29 Feb 2024 and
19 Mar 2024
I asked if the return label is created meanwhile.
No reaction from the support/team.
The support desk is reactive - but with automated email-answers only.

It’s nearly 7 weeks now - I am not amused.

Additionally I am still waiting for my own UCR2-order.
There is still no information available, when it will be delivered.


The returnlabel arrived by Email 1 hour after this posting. :wink:
Thank you!

I’m glad that you finally got the return label.

Nevertheless, it should not take anywhere near seven weeks… Even for a new company.

Quick info about the delay and the remote issue Tiki mentioned. We’ve seen the frustration about slow responses and we get it. Our actual ticket system does not handle ticket-merges well (Every message creates a new ticket on certain conditions, sometimes messages end up in quarantine). We’re on it, we’re trying new systems to sort this out so it’s smoother for you guys in the future. We will announce it soon officially.

On the remote problem Tiki shared: it is not an usual case that is covered by our warranty (boot loop is not full story). Still, we offered to fix it for Tiki anyways :slight_smile:

We’re trying to help in any case, even if it takes a bit of time.


yes, the whole story is a bit longer:
I opened the remote carefully (to be seen in the “Deutsches Forum” at Jan, 30th.
And it may be, that I “destroyed” the remote partially (not a visible HW-defect for my eyes).

The remote showed at one time before that “Do not operate the remote while opened” or similar. But this is not easy to fulfill, because the battery is connected via a 2-pin connector inside the case. To disconnect the battery, you have to open it…
And I cannot recognise, in which direction the connector has to be moved (side or up). This or the manufacturer part number of the connector should be written in a future document.

Because of that I told the support, that I am willing to pay for the repair or for a replacement (Feb 13th).

I am still convinced of the performance of the remote, thank you, UCR-Team!

Cheers, tiki

Are you saying you have to open the remote in the way you did to replace the battery and doing so is difficult without “breaking” the remote?

Is there a how-to for replacing the battery without triggering this scenario?


the only document I know is
“Unfolded Circle® Remote Two FAQ & Tips”
The last page contains the battery replacement instructions.
The battery replacement itself seems to be relatively easy, if the connector can be disconnected.
I opened the plastic cover above the battery too, that has to be done very carefully. There are some components very near to the plastic hooks, which have to be bent for opening. And watch the pogo pin!

Cheers, tiki


a small update:
Today the remote returned.
I had to factory reset it and all program/correct again step by step (my last backup was not the actual configuration). A number of resets were necessary from time to time between some steps.

But now all works fine, except the connection to the HTPC, which seems to depend on the long time planned BT connectivity.

And I got a new rubber foot for the dock. Do they suspect, I would continue my work on the IR connectivity? Which works perfect with the high power emitter. :grin:

Thank you very much, UCR-Team!
The UCR2 is a really great development and I appreciate your service a lot!
I wish you a lot of success with this nice product!

Cheers, tiki