Currently Dead Remote - Need Troubleshooting Help Please

So, I’m updated through 1.74 I think, and also updated with the dock firmware to latest (0.10.1). I regularly keep the remote charging/charged in the dock and don’t use it all that much.

I set the dock to not display the LED because it was bothersome, but the side effect was I couldn’t tell if anything was wrong. Sometime later, I tried to use it, pressed the on/off button, and it displayed the low battery icon, flashed the remote lights five times, then stopped.

I then factory reset the dock and allowed the remote to sit and recharge (maybe) for hours, but it still will not perform. I cannot see the remote/dock on my network. It’s no longer occupying the address it used to have, and I can’t tell or remember if I gave it a static address.

Except for the “low battery” light, I’d swear the unit was dead. But it hasn’t been dropped or abused, and there have been no power surges or lightening strikes.

What should the next few troubleshooting steps be? I am not very computer literate. Thanks in advance for your help. John V.

I would try the charger to the dock in some other equipment to make sure it works properly.

If it works, push and hold the power button on your remote for 30-60 seconds.

There are some similar questions at Discord but I don’t know if anyone solved their problems.

I got it working. Thanks.