Controlling Fire TV via Home Assistant

I’ve managed to get control of my Fire TV cube using ADB on Home Assistant. It works quite well, but I am seeing a recurring problem. I lose control of the Fire TV pretty much every day. This is true via the UCR2 remote or when using HA via a web page. If I restart my Fire TV then it works again.

I think it is a networking issue. My home network is a bit fragile. I am using Devolo power line extenders to get my internet spread around the house and I am also running my router with a smart DNS server to get access to UK/US streams. If I am doing anything too unusual on the network I have had issues in the past which have required rebooting routes, the devolo’s or teh Fire TV. But this one seems to be reproducible.

I’m no expert on networking. The Devolo’s use mesh networking for their WiFi and power line for the ethernet.

At the moment the RC2 dock is on WiFi. the Fire TV though is on the LAN.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be most welcome. It may genuinely be off topic for this forum since it seems to be a HA issue. But I thought I’d ask.

To partly answer my own question it seems to be a known issue on the HA GitHub.