Configurator sleep mode. Adding devices/integrations

Ok, so yeah configuring this thing is kind of annoying. Why must the remote be unlocked for the Web configurator to work??? I have my dock hard wired, so we should have the ability to program the remote with the dock IP, rather than the remote. Kind of like Harmony. Would this be possible with firmware? Maybe like a sync feature, so waking the remote checks the dock and performs a sync for changes.

When adding devices, do they have to be networked??? I’m missing something obviously. How the eff do I add my nVidia Shield TV for instance if it’s totally powered off? Maybe a bad example. How can I add an Xbox 360 without Internet? Maybe that’s a better example. Thoughts??

The remote does not have to be unlocked for the web interface. Just keep it in the dock, the web interface will work.

That’s what I figured. Didn’t want to put it on the dock again yet, because I was calibrating the battery. Yeah I’m weird like that. At least that’s good to know. Kind of clunky still, but thanks for the info.

In contrast to a Harmony remote the UC Remote Two itself is the “brain” and not the dock/hub as with the Harmony. This seems to be a fundamental design concept decision by the UC team which can not just be switched with a firmware update.
You already can prevent the remote from going into sleep mode when running an activity by checking the corresponding option when creating an activity. But there is also a roadmap item for waking up the remote via Wake-on-LAN magic packets with should solve some issue: Wake the remote from deep sleep with a magic packet over WiFi network · Issue #62 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
Not all devices have to be IP-based. You can also add IR remotes in the remotes menu of the web configurator. Xbox 360 models and up can also be controlled via IR but you will need to import these codes. Just look at databases like Control Tower IR Database. Import tutorials can be found here or on Discord.

Thank you. Everything is making more sense now. I wasn’t broadly thinking of each transmission type as a category. Now I am, and it’s much more clear. Integrations are the IP-based connections, like home assistant. The add remote section is strictly to add an IR device/remote. Thanks again for your replies!