Configuration Backup & Restore

I’m very happy with my ucr2, so far.
I have invested a significant amount of my most precious ressource (time) in learning remote codes and configuring macros and activities.

Is there a way to backup and restore my configuration?
I know, I can export my custom learned codes, but that is less than half of the way…


I was thinking this, maybe an account log in to store your set up and customisations

Almost exactly one year ago Marton said on Discord they have a backup/restore function in their plan. But currently this is not even on the roadmap.
I also agree that this is a crucial function especially since everything is stored locally. If your remote gets broken or lost you have to manually reconfigure everything besides the ir codes if you exported them.

We’re currently working on this and is high priority.


It’s great to see how responsive you are on here Marton.

I have looked at the documentation of the Rest API and there is at least a function to read the configuration via a HTTP GET request (/cfg). But restoring the configuration seems to work only per single sub-category and not for all at once.

Edit: But this seems to be a missing function at least according to the description of this API preview on GitHub. Unfortunately there is also no GitHub issue to check the current status.