Codes for JVC DLA-N5 (N7 or N9 should also work)?

I can’t get my beamer JVC DLA-N5 to work with IR. I tried learned codes from the original remote, I also learnd the commands from my old Harmony and also tried the Codes from global cache.
All other devices are working so I’m pretty sure (but not 100% :wink:) that I didn’t make silly mistakes with the codes.

Has anybody working codes and can send them to me or at least can confirm that the JVC N5 is working with the R2?

Meanwhile I installed a wireless transmitter (receives IR and sends it via RF to the receiver that is installed near the beamer and sends the IR directly to the IR sensor of the beamer).
No change. The old and parallel installed Logitech Harmony Elite works. I retested the learned codes of the original beamer remote, the learned codes for the beamer from the Logitech and also the codes from global cache.
Could it be, that the Remote 2 sends some kind of “not so clean” IR-signal, so that the beamer has a problem with it?