Cant connect to Home Assistant


I’m sure you’re right but when I tried just using the HA integration in R2 the furthest I got was a listing of the entities during the steps to use the integration and then selecting all of them only to go to the next step and the Available Entities were empty - VERY frustrating! I did see using the UC repository inside of HA would expose some info on R2 within HA but as soon as I did the steps for the UC repository in HA everything else worked.

I really wish there was a little more documentation which would have made the overall process easier.

But, at least now I have the R2 doing all the stuff I wanted it to so whatever steps I had to take were worth it!.

Main idea of that integration is that you can start/end R2 activities from within HA. That way you have another remote on your mobile/tablet etc…

How are you achieving that when the remote is asleep? You pinging it?

no, don’t think that is possible yet. When I’m using the HA remote control I keep the R2 in the dock… than it’s no problem.
My use case for this is that my R2 is on a gallery and I’m using HA when I’m on another floor… It also increases acceptance with Wife and kids I have to say :wink:

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With a lot of help from this forum I now have R2 controlling my dimmers and ceiling fans via HA. I have Wi Fi enabled thermostats which were showing up in HA so I decided to see what I can do with them via R2. I was able to configure one of them in HA and indeed they show up in R2. However the only thing I can do in R2 is to turn it on or off or change the heat/cool mode while in HA I can control the temp setting with a graphical interface.

Is there anyway to set up something in R2 that can control the temperature with some kind of graphical interface similar to what’s in HA?

To control/use the remote from Home Assistant, I use the rest API of the remote which is halfway documented under <IP-address-of-remote>/doc/core-rest/.
I then created the commands I need as rest_command in YAML.

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Works a treat. Thank you.

I still can’t connect to Home Assistant, you just see connecting in the status.

Running a HA Green with the latest firmware. Think it briefly worked last week, but now it looks like the remote can’t connect anymore.