Can we export single devices ir codes from the remote?

We also need a sticky for upload.

I like (I think many) who have recived their remote are disappointed with the ir code database. I have original remotes, but also have a working harmony. Yes i want to use my new R2 but the process of learning so many devices is anoying.

I was under the impression that a existing database was purshased?

If we learn new remotes do they form part of the current ir database?

I think we have to keep in mind that UC can not provided a ir database with a quality and quantity similar to the one that is included with the Harmony remotes.
Self learned or imported ir codes from a user will not be automatically part of the ir database that is included of the firmware. I assume this is due to avoid copyright and legal issues. I am also guessing that’s why all of the models in the firmware database are called generic to not infringe any protected terms that maybe used in the model names.
Right now the only way to to share ir code would be to share them somewhere else. It was mentioned before that the teams plans to build a platform where users can upload and download user generated codes. But they probably have other important things to do right now like shipping all remotes to the remaining backers and fix annoying bugs in the firmware.
There are also other good ir databases where you can download codes from like