Beyonwiz IR Codeset

Anyone with a Beyonwiz T4 have a working IR Codeset they could recommend?

A quick Google search led me to the Beyonwiz forums, give this a go.

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Thank you muchly.

I have added POWER_TOOGLE to my codeset , updated all instances that had the original POWER mapped to POWER_TOOGLE using the same HEX CODE and now when in the Beyonwiz Remote screen pressing the power button says “No data found”. I tried restarting everything but the issue persists. Any thoughts appreciated.

I resolved in a very convoluted way. I deleted the Remote and the DB info. I then reinstalled the backup of the Remote and then had to add it back to all Activities and map all the buttons again. Seems like a lot of work to change the name of a single codeset entry from POWER to POWER_TOOGLE