Best hub to work with Unfolded Circle

Hi all,

Just seeing if anyone is testing the integration between Circle and hubs on the market or soon to be released?

Im looking at getting one that will help bring all my devices into HomeKit.

Had planned on Homey pro but that looks to be well delayed for release. Hoobs pro looks to be having the same delay issues.

I’ve only just stubbles across Hubitat and they are available now with the C8 model.

Yes I could setup a HA or HB on a raspberry pi but looking for an easy option out the box ideally.

Sorry if this has been asked but keen to get some advice before I make a decision.

I have an “old” Homey (2019) at home and I’m very happy with it. With advanced flows and improvements over the years, it’s a very stable and userfriendly System.
I use Hue, Heos, Aeotec, Netatmo, Sensative, Neeo and now Remote Two