Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000

Anyone have B&O Beosound 9000 successfully controlled?

Apparently dock does not want to learn Beo 4 so a bit lost of options. Harmony does it just fine so it should not be impossible?

All ideas are welcome!

Works fine through HA and Harmony, not the most streamlined solution but it works. Snappy and everything.

Straight IR would be preferred of course.

You can find the exact ir code set on

Don’t know if they work

They don’t, unfortunately. This might be a HW-issue too so I think I’m fine with R2 → HA → Harmony → B&O for now.

You mean they won’t work, right?
Ok, than you have to go the long way.

So it might be the issue, brought up in another thread, where the R2 processor can only approximately generate the 455khz carrier frequency. But at least you have a work-around.

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