Backup Configuration?

Anxiously awaiting for delivery of my remote, but in the meantime, wondering if there is any backup/restore capability baked into the software yet. I saw the thread from back in September, but there doesn’t seem to be any update lately. Can someone advise either way?

Thanks in advance!

Yes there is.

If you found @TeroS 's response a bit terse, it’s due in part to a general lack of documentation for the typical user.

I suspect this subject (backup) would require 30 minutes and about 2-3 paragraphs, but TMK they don’t exist yet. Here’s hoping.

Yeah, I was a bit short. Here’s some more info. The backup / restore works great, had to test that when I messed up a bit. I did find one caveat, max size for IR-set is 64kb and one of mine were larger. Had to unpack the backup, remove the IR-set file and repack. Then restore and re-import the ir-set.

Thanks for that clarification, it’s a huge relief! I can’t tell you how many times my Pronto backups came in handy ‘back in the day’ :grin:.