Autodiscover integrations

Hi guys,

I’m running into a few problems. One of the problems is the Phillips HUE integration (basically all integrations). It runs on Auto Discover. That’s fine if you have all your devices in a single flat network. But that doesn’t work when you use network segregation.

I’m kind of used that when a discovery doesn’t work, one would be presented with the option to enter the IP address of such device/integration.

Can you please add that?

Some of the other problem I run into, there is only support for HomeAssistent. Not to cool when you run Domoticz, but that’s life. However it would be nice if you could add an option to allow for a webserver/URL based integration. That way a lot of command/instructions can be fixed without the need for a full Domoticz integration.

Basically since al lot of my devices are zigbee of z-wave based, I’m forced to switch to Home Assistent to make any usefull use of the remote.