AppleTV Integration Not Working

Resolved with upgrade to 1.6.1… I thought I was current. Integration still acts funny with the request for a 2nd PIN and the PIN window is pre-populated with a leading “0”. My 2nd PIN which worked had a leading “0” so maybe that’s why it worked. Does this warrant a Bug submission? If so where and how are Bugs reported?

Posted on Discord, but no response
AppleTV Integration not working. Newbie, but I don’t thing I did anything wrong here. I’ve 2 AppleTV4ks, Media Room and Master Bed Room, both on a wired network. I successfully added Media Room ATV4k when I received R2 a week ago. I was having difficulities adding IR entities and Activities so I deleted the ATV integration mistakenly and tried to re-add. Integration identifies both ATVs, I select Media Room and start. The ATV Pin request window pops up. There is a leading ‘0’ populating the Pin. The 4 digit code appears on Media Room TV, I enter it first deleting the pre-populated ‘0’ and hit ‘Next’. The Pin Request window pops up immediatly with the leading ‘0’ and a new Pin code appears on ATV. I enter again, first deleting the ‘0’. The 2 integration balls start spinning and eventually I get a time-out error. I’ve tried this several time and tried both ATVs with the same result. ATVs have been re-started at well. Interestingly enough I unplugged Master Bed Room ATV and it still showed up as ‘Discovered’. Thinking it was cached somehow I restarted the Configurator after rebooting the R2. The unpowered ATV was still discovered. UI vers. 0.37.1, Core vers 0.39.8-beta, System vers 1.6.0. TIA

I can only guess, but at least I want to give a reply.
First of all, update to 1.6.1, maybe any caches will be reset after firmware update.
Second, make sure to have a backup and try a factory reset.

Thx! I thought Version was current, upgraded to 1.6.1 and was able to pull in the integration.