Apple TV: Show Apple TV App Menu in [Activity] Screen

Once an Apple TV is set up, you are able to see/open any Apple TV App (YouTube TV for example) from the remote by going into the [Devices] section of the remote and hitting the “4 Squares” icon.

Is there a way to activate that same menu while I am in an [Activity], whether on screen or via hard button? Or even activate a specific application? The remote can obviously access the information since it’s accessible when you go through the [Devices] section on the remote, I’m just trying to access that same information within an [Activity] to save a few clicks.

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry if this was already addresses somewhere, I could not find it. )

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I have an Nvidia shield, and I don’t believe this is possible. But maybe it is for apple TV. The only section I’d think this would be accessible is when your editing the remote/user interface from within the activity. You can add custom icons/buttons to an interface screen, and then assign any command that’s available to the Integration or remote. Which you could then change the icon to whatever you want.

Right, but I can’t find the command to add.

With Apple TV, the command is on the remote - again, I use it by hitting [Devices], selecting my Apple TV, then hitting the “4 Squares” icon which brings up every application that is installed on my Apple TV. Then if I hit the App on the remote, it switches right to the App on my TV.

So the command is accessible through the remote, I’m just trying to figure out how to get it on my Activity screen.

Ohhhh. I see. I thought you meant adding an app icon for each app. Yeah, I guess you just have to try each one you think it might be. You can actually test each command in realtime from the configurator or just keep adding the icon/button and test from the remote. It updates in realtime. Also, I’m not sure if we can add new integration commands. We can only do that for IR remotes

Here is a screenshot of the “4 Squares” icon I am referring to. Again, I only see this when I go into the [Device] menu and open my Apple TV.

After you click that icon, you see all the apps installed. That’s what I’m looking to add within my Activity.

This button can not currently be added to an activity UI. You would have to create a feature request for this: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

But as already mentioned you can add an icon or text component for each app to the activity ui and then link the input source command to it. You then can choose to app that should be opened. Not the same as the menu but you can directly open the app with this.


Got it! I didn’t realize the “input Source” command gave additional options that lists all the Apps available. Good to go now!


You just select it from the source list:

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Yep, just edited my previous post because I didn’t realize that. Thanks for your help!

Sorry to revive an older thread, but it appears that the Generic Apple TV remote code set doesn’t add an “Input Source” command or similar to my available command choices. Are you all using a different set of IR code for the remote menu?

IR codes don‘t support that, you have to use the Apple TV integration

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Thanks. I didn’t realize the difference between an integration and a remote set of controls.

Next question, when I select “Input Source,” I don’t get a nice dropdown list of all of my installed apps, I just get an empty text field. I’m assuming I need to do something to get the input list. What would that be?

Try to set airplay on AppleTV to „everybody within the same network“ (I don‘t remember the exact wording of the option right now) - maybe this helps

That’s definitely already on. I tried deleting the IR remote I’d set up for the Apple TV, and also setting up the integration again from scratch.

I feel like I’m missing something simple here. Here’s a screenshot for what I see.

Got it to work. Deleted my integration, re-started it, established the remote, and then re-added the specifics to the Watch Apple TV activity.