Apple TV Play/Pause


I’m watching some F1 mini replays on Kayo and have noticed the Apple Play/Pause is not working. If I grab the ATV remote and hit the Play/Pause button it works. Is there anything I can do from my side?

I have the same problem with the WaipuTV app. I can pause a Programme with the play/pause button but if I then want to resume it wouldn‘t work… On the original Apple Remote no problem… In other apps the play/pause button works as intended…. So I assume it has more to do with the apps and not so much with the apple integration… but not sure of course…

While this can be app related (e.g. Disney+ just works with the dedicated play/pause commands) I noticed there can also be temporally dropouts where you can not pause via the cursor enter command and it suddenly works again:: [bug] Apple TV pause function sometimes not working · Issue #221 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
Play/Pause via the play pause command on the other side always works and also seems to trigger something that makes the enter button work again.

Can you elaborate on this? Don‘t quite understand… as it doesn‘t seem to work for others…

There are two ways to pause/ play a video in most apps. Either with the cursor enter command or the play/pause command. Some apps do not allow you to use the cursor enter command to control the playback, specially if they are not using the nativ tvOS player.

If I use Plex app the Apple Play/Pause command works fine. I tried mapping the Apple Enter command for the Kayo activity and that does not work either. Why does the ATV remote work and not the R2 Apple Play/Pause command?