Apple TV Integration- Now Playing / Last Played status bar?

I have my Remote Two setup with the Apple TV Integration and have it rolled into an Activity.

With the activity off (and actually Apple TV is asleep), a indication of what was last played on the Apple Tv is still showing on the remote along the bottom of the remote touch screen is showing.

How does one get rid of this? I have tried swiping it left, right, down and clicking on it. Nothing gets rid of it. I don’t want to see this unless I have the activity active.

Any ideas?

According to one of the developers you should be able to close this bar with a swipe gesture but this doesn’t work for me as well. I mentioned this here: [bug] Media Player image still displayed when device turned off · Issue #2 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
The same problem also happen with the Android TV integration when the device is actually turned off.

Thanks. I joined my voice to the fray there, too.

I’m having it as well.

Further describing the behavior I’m having: if the app supports scraping for a thumbnail (I don’t know how they’re doing it) like my Tablo OTA recorder or HD Homerun OTA app, it displays the “now playing” thumbnail. If it doesn’t, like the You Tube app, then it just keeps on displaying the last graphic that it could., forever, which looks kind of silly.

Honestly, this is a cosmetic issue, and doesn’t seem to affect the functionality. If I had my druthers (and I know I can’t always) I’d rather the developers spend time on my pet feature request, which is the ability to drag the cursor across the timeline to search through a video–which I can do on the Apple supplied remote (though of course, no time line display on the ATV remote, it’s only a touch pad).

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