Apple TV - Hold Button (Mark as Watched Menu)

Hi - on the apple tv landing page, when focused on one of the shows in the “next up” list, if i hold down the middle button on my apple tv remote, it brings up a menu with ‘mark as watched’ and ‘remove from up next’ and such.

i cannot for the life of me figure out how to re-create that action with my remote two. i think i’ve tried all of the various different action options for apple tv to no avail.

but this one seems like it has to be possible, so i’m wondering if i’m just missing the right button. doesn’t help that so many apple tv action names are so generic and unhelpful haha :slight_smile:

anyone know if this is possible and, if so, what the action name is?

This command is called context menu

huh. that was my first guess, too, and i’d tried that with no luck. i just tried again – confirmed that it doesn’t work to bring up the mark as watched menu on apple tv page. it does seem to work when i’m on the app home page – it brings up the ‘edit home screen menu’ as i would have expected. but when i do it on the apple tv page, the thumbnail sort of shakes like a menu is trying to open but nothing happens. do you have it working on the apple tv page?

i’ve tried it as both a hold item and a normal click item on several different buttons on my r2. but they all seem to do the same thing.

For me this command is working fine. It works to show he context menu for app icons and in the apps top shelf to e.g. mark episodes as watched. The command is basically a hold action for the enter key on the Siri remote.

interesting. must just be a rob-specific glitch. oh well. not a big deal. i’ve got context menu programmed to one of my physical buttons on R2 – i guess i’ll just periodically give it a shot and maybe it’ll sort itself out eventually. thanks, kenny, for your thoughts.

I don’t have an Apple TV to test, but maybe you’re adding the custom action/button during an activity in realtime. Add the command and then exit out of the activity by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right of your activity UI on the remote. Go back into the activity on your remote and then try again. Commands that you tie to a button won’t register until you exit out and reload the UI. Just a thought.

I added this command to my remote today and tested tonight, works fine for me with an AppleTV4K.

ah ha! it works now. i think it was the issue about needing to restart the activity. i’ve tried periodically over the last several months and always had the issue. but i think i never left the key programmed previously so i never tried it after restarting the activity. stupid of me. thanks for the common sense advice team - sorry for the waste of time :slight_smile: i’m all good now.