Apple TV gets unresponsive

I have issues with the Apple TV integration.

When I turn off Apple TV from the remote it gets unresponsive and I’m not able to turn it on again (apple tv is not available).

Sometimes the state seems to flip from available to unavaileable and vice versa.

Also I can only turn on my Apple TV (when available) pressing the home button multiple times.

I have similar issues with the Apple TV integration in Home Assistant so maybe its also an issue with Apple TV.

Any Ideas how to fix it?

I was able to fix this issue by changing the configuration of the ethernet port which the Apple TV is connected to on my switch (Ubiquiti US 8 60W):

  • Advanced from Auto to Manual
  • Link Speed from “Automatically Negotiate” to “1Gbps FDX”.
  • Disabled the “Spanning Tree Protocol”
  • Disabled the “LLDP-MED”

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