Any ideas why my Sony Projector refuses to be controlled with the R2?

I’ve successfully programmed the R2 to control my DVD player (via a “generic Panasonic DVD” built-in code set) as well as my Audiocontrol AV receiver (by learning IR commands).

For my Sony projector, I have gone through multiple rounds of IR programming (using Harmony with the hub nearby); everything thing appears to go smoothly, but when I test the programmed button, nothing happens. I also tried using the original remote as well as the generic “Sony projector” built-in codeset, to no avail.

The receiver (which works) gets IR signals via the repeater at position 1 in the dock.
The DVD player (which works) gets IR signals via the dock…

The projector is set to receive the IR signals from position 2 at the back of the dock.
I have tried a different IR cable as well as switching the output to position 1. Still nothing.

I’m at a loss as to why to try now…

Thanks to anyone who cares to offer some advice!

Won’t solve anything, but sounds like the same issue as this one [bug] Denon AVC learnt codes not working · Issue #292 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub
Might be a good idea to leave a comment or give the issue a thumbs up so that the devs can see that more users are affected.

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Have you tried getting the codes from Global Cache? What model is your Sony?

I was thinking my next projector would be a Sony, but that was before I realized Sony no longer makes projectors that people like me can afford. (e.g. 5 figures and up). Unless you know different.